Last week I wrote about books set in Southern Appalachia. This week I’ll tackle movies.

The Hunger Games was the first movie I say that made me think, “Wow, that looks like it was shot in my backyard.” It sort of was–all principal filming happened in North Carolina. The familiar terrain made it all the more powerful because it felt so physically immediate to me.

Not everything is filmed in Hollywood. When directors want an authentic look to their films, the best way to do is to shoot on location. What other movies were filmed or set in this area?

  • The River dir. Mark Rydell (1984)
  • The Last of the Mohicans dir. Michael Mann (1992)
  • The Evil Dead dir. Sam Raimi (1981)
  • Big Stone Gap dir. Adriana Trigiani (2014)
  • Cold Mountain dir. Anthony Minghella (2003)
  • Sergeant York dir. Howard Hawks (1941)
  • Deliverance dir. John Boorman (1972)
  • October Sky dir. Joe Johnston (1999)

Tennessee Trivia has a more exhaustive list of movies filmed in this state. Nashville and Memphis are the most popular locations by a wide margin, but there are a few further east as well.