Public Art Committee meeting

The Johnson City Public Art Committee will have its monthly meeting tonight at 5 p.m. Meetings are regularly held on the second Wednesday of each month at City Hall in the administrative conference room.

According to their page on Johnson City’s website, the “Public Art Committee is responsible for establishing policies of the public art program, setting goals, consulting with staff on an annual work plan, developing project ideas, overseeing the selection of artworks and their locations, securing funding, ensuring proper maintenance of the public art collection, and advocating for public art.” It is comprised of 12 members appointed by the City Commission for staggered three-year terms.

With the dissolution of the Johnson City Arts Council, the PAC is trying to build a higher profile in the community. The PAC is in the beginning stages of organizing an arts festival for this fall to garner community interest and support for public art.

Tonight, PAC will  discuss active public art projects such as the Quote Walk fundraiser and the Veterans Park sculpture. They will review marketing and long-term planning goals.

For more information on the PAC as part of the Public Works Administration, visit their webpage or contact its director Phil Pindzola at



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